Lewis Capaldi gets revenge on Noel Gallagher with Oasis stars teenage daughter – Mirror Online

Lewis Capaldi partied with Noel Gallagher’s teenage daughter as a feud between the Scotsman and the former Oasis star escalated.

An unexpected disagreement erupted between the two men over the past week after 52-year-old Noel took a swipe at the 22-year-old Lost On You singer in an interview.

However, Lewis appeared to get the upper hand when he partied with Noel’s 19-year-old daughter Anais (his daughter from his failed marriage to Meg Matthews) and mocked the Oasis legend on social media.

Lewis filmed himself dancing with Anais in Madrid on Friday night as they both enjoyed Noel’s performance at the Mad Cool Festival in the Spanish capital – while calling out “dad?” across the audience.

Lewis Capaldi parties with Noel Gallagher’s daughter as ‘Chewbacca’ strikes back


Tensions had erupted when Noel lashed out at Lewis to imply that he is nothing more than a novelty chart performer who has already burned through most of his minutes of fame.

“F****** Chewbacca should enjoy his 15 minutes,” Noel ranted to Variety magazine.

“The greatest day of his life that I slagged him off or called him an idiot,” he continued.

The retaliation came after Noel branded Lewis ‘F***ing Chewbacca’ during a colourful magazine interview

Lewis changed his twitter profile name to Chewis Capaldi following the insults


“It’s the greatest day of his f****** life so far. He’s just thinking ‘wow’. Well, I know you’re Scottish and all that but f****** hell. It is like a third world country but for f***’s sake, man, you must have had a better day than this. Surely,” he added.

Taking the insults in good humour, Lewis has since changed his name on Twitter to Chewis Capaldi and superimposed his own face onto a photo of the Star Wars character Chewbacca.

Lewis is certainly the darling of the music world at present – having won praise and adoration from music fans and fellow musicians in equal measure.

Lewis Capaldi is the current darling of the British music scene

Stormzy outed himself as a Lewis Capaldi superfan during a gig in Glasgow on Friday

Susan Boyle has urged Lewis to duet with her


Chart topping hunk – and recent Glastonbury headliner – Stromzy outed himself as a devout fan of Lewis as he performed a cover of his song Someone You Loved during a gig in Glasgow and declared the Glaswegian a “f***ing bad boy!”

While chart topping Scottish songstress Susan Boyle has also thrown her support behind Lewis and in recent weeks urged her fellow Scot to call her so they can create a duet together.

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