True Heirlooms

True heirlooms.

While meandering along the road to work this morning, I saw this young woman walking towards me, from A distance she seemed attractive the closer we got to each other the better she looked, Well here I was after A two- hour slog trying to make myself presentable for work (and not really achieving my goal) I felt really quite bedraggled in her presence. Just before passing, she stopped to ask me for directions and inevitably we started to chat the first thing she commented on was my dress then my shoes, now at this early hour this young lady was making good headway into making my day I, of course, thanked her very much for her kind observations so natural, attractive, smart polite this one could be easy to dislike, I could not help myself  and I also complimented her on the very smart attire that she was wearing oh this she said this dress is An old one that my grandma can no longer fit into and being in such a hurry this morning I just chucked it on and run down to the train station to catch my train! Just goes to show you no matter how hard you try, you either got it or you don`t. Anyway, sorry about the rant, must say feels good to get that one out there, sound familiar or is it just me, do pop by next week as I feel sure that everything will be back to normal I use A different route to work now.

Speak soon,

Peggy La Rue.


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